Your fleet GPS tracking system can do so much more than just show you where your vehicles are.  Fleet Manager’s Landmarks can be used to mark reference points on the map.  They can be regular stops, the vehicle storage yard, or any physical location you and your drivers might find helpful when navigating.  Using the landmarks feature allows you to have even more control over how you view your data by setting up customized parameters that are meaningful to your business. The way you create your landmarks will depend entirely on the type of information you want to monitor.

Some of the ways you can use landmarks with your GPS tracking system include:

  • Create landmarks in multiple ways – If you know the specific address or coordinates of a landmark, simply enter it into the system. Alternatively, you can select a point on the map or create a landmark using a driver’s current location.
  • Create different groups of landmarks – You can create landmarks for customers, your offices, and even driver homes so you can quickly view driver position in relation to different types of locations.
  • Find the nearest landmark – Optimize driver dispatching and route planning by finding the closest landmark on the map in real time.
  • Set up alerts – If you want to be notified when a driver leaves or arrives at a certain location, simply set up an alert. This feature also contributes to driver accountability because you can quickly and passively confirm that a driver is where they are supposed to be.
  • Create geofences – Set up geofences around your landmarks and optional alerts to let you know when a driver enters or leaves the geofence.
  • Use landmark reports – Quickly see when a driver arrived at and left a specific landmark and the distance they drove within it. These fleet reports can also help you improve billing and optimize customer service.

Some of the benefits of using landmarks with your GPS tracking system include:

  • Increasing driver accountability
  • Improving customer service
  • More detailed and accurate billing
  • Optimizing dispatch and route planning
  • Reducing fuel costs with better route planning

GPSTrackIt can help you get the most from your fleet with a robust GPS tracking system that allows you to set up landmarks and geofences, use two-way communication with your drivers, and view comprehensive reports based on GPS track logs. Now you can monitor your fleet from any computer, smart phone, or tablet, so you can dispatch drivers (or even yourself) based on the nearest landmark or any other factor that makes sense.

How would you use landmarks to optimize your fleet?