A GPS tracking system can completely change the way you manage your fleet. Add analytics to the mix and it can revitalize the way you manage your business. Fleet GPS improves day-to-day small business operations by making it easier to dispatch drivers, manage regular maintenance, and serve your customers more efficiently. Analytics reports add another layer of management tools that allow you to track activity over time to get a better understanding of your fleet.

A GPS tracking system with analytics that show you stop time, idle time, drive time, engine hours, speeding, and mileage can be used to improve several aspects of your business:

  • Financial tracking – What if your fleet costs have gone up, but you’re not sure why? Review your analytics reports to find out if there has been an increase in engine idling, more mileage than usual, or a spike in driver speeding. You can’t pinpoint the source of extra spending without accurate fleet data. Analytics makes it easy for you to compare activity over different periods of time.
  • Employee management – Drivers need both monitoring and motivation. Your small business can use analytics reports for both of these important functions. When you have a GPS tracking system your staff knows their behavior is monitored, which automatically increases driver accountability. Analytics makes it easy to track speeding or excessive idling so you can catch problems before they become costly. You can also use analytic reports as part of a driver reward system. Perhaps you give bonuses to drivers who consistently stay below a certain speed limit. You can also compare individual drivers or groups if a little healthy competition would be a good motivator for your team.
  • Vehicle assignments – If you manage multiple groups of vehicles, it can be very useful to compare their activity. If one group gets a lot more activity than others, you may want to consider rotating vehicles more frequently as part of your maintenance strategy. Analytics lets you quickly compare vehicle use over days, months, weeks, quarters, or years to accommodate any schedule.
  • Fleet maintenance – A GPS tracking system lets you set up maintenance reminders based on the date, mileage, or engine hours, but what if you want to get a snapshot view between alerts? Perhaps you are predicting a lull in activity and it’s a good opportunity for a maintenance break. Analytics lets you quickly see engine hours and mileage for every vehicle in your fleet.

A GPS tracking system from GPSTrackIt includes Analytics for Fleet and so much more. With more than 25 detailed reports, you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your small business. What analytics reports would be the most useful for your business?