Your GPS tracking system can be optimized in a number of ways to streamline your business and grow profits. One of the tools you should consider using is the geofencing feature. A geofence is basically a series of GPS points surrounding a particular area to create a virtual fence. It can be created by entering geographical coordinates or by identifying points directly on a map.

You can use the geofence feature of your GPS tracking system to:

  • Prevent vehicle theft – One of the best ways to recover a stolen vehicle is to deploy the authorities immediately after the theft has taken place. You can set up a geofence around all of your parked vehicle locations to alert you when it leaves the area. If one of your staff is not scheduled to be driving, you will immediately be aware of the problem.
  • Prevent inappropriate use of vehicles – Set up geofences around areas you don’t want your drivers to go, such as their own homes or specific local businesses. You’ll be alerted when a vehicle enters the forbidden geofence so you can take appropriate action.
  • Track driver behavior in real time – Do you often find yourself wondering if a driver has left a client site yet? Set up a geofence around it and get an alert when they leave. You’ll know your driver is en route to the next stop, or perhaps you’ll have to deploy another vehicle to make the next appointment.
  • Review geofence reports – Review geofence activity reports for drivers, vehicles, or groups. You can quickly see when they entered or left a geofence and how long they were there.

The shape of the geofence can be anything that makes sense for your business. Perhaps you want to know if your vehicles enter a certain neighborhood or town. Maybe you want to use your GPS tracking system to tell you when a driver enters or leaves a client site. Geofences can be set up to alert you whether entering the area is allowed or not allowed. You can even create a geofence around your own business so you receive alerts when a vehicle approaches or leaves the premises.

GPSTrackIt’s GPS tracking system allows you to set up landmarks and geofences so you can gain better control of your fleet. If you want to protect your valuable assets and maximize labor hours, get a free quote today and get started. Remember, insurance companies offer lower premiums for fleets with GPS tracking systems, so you could actually end up saving money in the long run. Where would you set up geofences for your business?