An important part of managing a construction site includes maintaining compliance with regulatory authorities, local ordinances, and site-specific customer requirements. It is up to site supervisors to convey any restrictions to the team on-site, but enforcing these restrictions is not always a simple task.

Using a GPS vehicle tracking system to ensure compliance will help make employees accountable for their actions, and help ensure that managers maintain a compliant work site.

GPS Tracking and Worksite Compliance: Hours of Operation

Local noise ordinances often restrict hours of operation for construction sites and it is up to site bosses to ensure that employees comply. The penalties for violating these ordinances can include:

  • Fines
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Incarceration

These punishments might be applied to the individual(s) that violated the ordinance, the property owner, or the construction company that owns the equipment. This means that violators are not only putting their own companies at risk, but might also be potentially creating a problem for customers by disobeying ordinances. It is clear that enforcing hours of operation restrictions is an important part of good construction site management.

A GPS tracking system can be used to create reports and alerts whenever a vehicle ignition is turned on, when it moves, and when it is turned off. Managers can use these tools to identify violators, enforce policies, and prevent violations from happening in the first place.

GPS Tracking and Worksite Compliance: Restricted Areas

Many construction sites include areas that are restricted to vehicle access or limit the times and locations where a construction vehicle can be parked. Managers can use a GPS tracking system to ensure that these restrictions are enforced:

  • Geofences – If a particular area is off limits to construction vehicles, set up a geofence around it and create an alert to sound if this boundary is crossed. 
  • Landmarks – Create a landmark for each designated parking area to confirm that vehicles are in the correct location at the end of the day, and moved at the appropriate time in the morning. 

Ensuring work site compliance is important for protecting the reputation of a company, limiting liability, and keeping customers happy.

To learn more about how GPS tracking can help you improve worksite compliance and provide many other benefits for the construction industry, get in touch with a GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor. We will work closely with you to ensure that you have all the systems and tools you need to operate more safely and efficiently.