If your business provides services to multiple customers in different locations throughout the day, you need a solution that will help you streamline your operations and save money at the same time. Managing a mobile workforce comes with many challenges, including keeping track of drivers, providing timely service to customers, and ensuring that you send accurate bills on time to maintain good cash flow. A GPS tracking system with the Driver Tablet Site might be just what you need to improve customer service, increase profits, and keep operating expenses low.

The Driver Tablet Site is a proprietary platform developed by GPS Trackit to help both dispatchers and drivers in the field do their jobs better. Although it can be used in virtually any industry, businesses in the services industry get some unique benefits from this technology.

Six Reasons to Use the Driver Tablet Site with GPS Tracking

  1. Easier dispatching – Dispatchers can quickly send preferred routes with turn-by-turn directions to drivers in the field. If they get off track for any reason, drivers also have the power to get the most efficient route from their current location with the click of a button.
  2. Streamlined driver communication – With two-way driver communication, you get a record of exchanges between drivers and dispatchers. Built-in canned responses also make it easy for drivers to quickly and safely update dispatchers so they can provide more accurate arrival times for customers.
  3. Third-party apps – Tablets can be used for much more than just GPS tracking. You can use any third-party app that you already use for your business, such as payment processing, signature collection, or data collection. Using tablets to consolidate tasks helps save time for drivers in the field and also allows you to better streamline your operations.
  4. Efficient data management – Customizable forms allow you to collect whatever data you need from drivers or customers. Whenever data is entered into a form the system is updated in real-time so every employee that needs the information can access it.
  5. Faster and more accurate billing – Use the driver time clock and detailed reports to determine exactly how much to bill customers. Extra miles or unscheduled stops won’t fall through the cracks, and your customers will be confident that they are not being over-charged because you are using objective data to create billing reports. 
  6. Multi-platform capability – Whether you use Apple, Android, or Blackberry, the Driver Tablet Site is designed to work seamlessly on any tablet device.

GPS Trackit is committed to staying on the cutting edge of GPS tracking technology. With innovative solutions like the Driver Tablet Site, we help businesses in the services industry boost the bottom line and stay competitive.

How can you use the GPS Trackit Driver Tablet Site to Improve your Business?

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