GPS fleet tracking is not just a tool for big companies any more. Businesses with smaller fleets can also benefit from the cost-saving features that these systems provide. In addition to saving fuel, reducing customer wait times, and increasing driver accountability, GPS systems allow business owners and fleet managers to save on maintenance costs.

Vehicle repair or replacement can be very expensive, especially when compared to the cost of preventive maintenance. While it may be easy for a driver to ignore oil change dates or other maintenance triggers, good fleet managers know that maintaining a vehicle is well worth the time and expense. Use GPS fleet tracking to reduce maintenance costs in the following four ways:

  • Use maintenance reminders – A sticker with a date on it may be sufficient for your personal vehicle, but it simply doesn’t work for an entire fleet. Even well-designed spreadsheets rely on manual data entry for accuracy, and some updates can fall through the cracks. Maintenance reminders can be set up to notify you on the software dashboard, via email, or even with a text message to your mobile phone.
  • Create customized alerts – Not all fleet managers operate in the same way, and some maintenance tasks are schedule based on different factors. GPS tracking software allows you to set up alerts based on the date, the number of miles the vehicle has been driven, or the number of engine hours logged. Whether you are monitoring oil changes or tire rotations, you can set up an alert based on real data. Again, because everything is automated, you don’t have to worry about errors in log entries or drivers giving incorrect estimates of engine time.
  • Use notes to keep maintenance records – Was there a particular type of oil that performed well last winter? Make a note of it in your GPS fleet tracking software so you’ll be reminded with the maintenance alert.
  • Analyze vehicle reports – Keep an eye on the fleet between alerts by analyzing real-time reports. If engine hours are adding up faster than you expected, maybe it’s time for a tune-up.

Maintenance alerts can also be used for other management tasks such as updating registrations, renewing license plates, and other required activities.

If you’re interested in learning more about how GPS fleet tracking can save you money and increase profits for your business, call the professionals at GPS Trackit today or schedule a live demo. Whether you have two vehicles or twenty, we can help you streamline your business and boost the bottom line.

How do you currently keep track of maintenance for your fleet? Would adding a GPS fleet tracking system make your life easier?