Operating a fleet means handling a lot of data that can get lost in the shuffle if you don’t have a good system to organize and analyze it. Using field service management tools can help you automate processes and reduce human error. It can also help you manage your businesses better by helping to eliminate the data overload that is bogging you down.

Field service management tools combined with GPS tracking can help you solve the data overload problem in the following ways:

  • Streamline time sheets – Paper time sheets come with a slew of problems including manual data entry, misreporting, and a time delay before the data hits your electronic system. Even electronic time sheets can be inaccurate if you have no way to confirm that the employee was working when they claimed they were. A punch clock might work for office or warehouse staff, but what do you about your fleet drivers? How can you reduce overtime costs if you don’t know how your drivers are really spending their time? A field service management system that includes a time sheet function allows your drivers to clock in and out no matter where they are. You can also more accurately track billable hours and cross-reference reported time with the GPS data for the time period.
  • Reduce data entry errors – Whether it is a mileage log or a time entry, manual data entry means the possibility for human errors. Even the most careful driver can transpose digits or write down the wrong time. Field service management tools allow you to gather all the data you need without requiring manual entry. This also means no double entry into accounting systems or other reporting tools.
  • Eliminate backlogs – Manual data entry also requires a lot of time, meaning logs can pile up before they are entered into an electronic system. Any business manager that needs accurate, real-time reporting knows that backlogs are a major problem for generating meaningful reports.
  • Optimize state mileage reporting – If you operate in multiple states, you know how overwhelming it can be to generate reports based on mileage logs. Not only is it very time consuming, but you also have a greater potential for error, which can result in penalties. GPSTrackit provides field service management tools that combine GPS and a partnership with ProMiles, so you can fulfill your reporting requirements faster than ever before.

If you are interested in learning more about field service management tools and how they can work with GPS tracking to save you time and money, contact the experts at GPS Trackit. We have all the tools you need to manage your fleet most effectively, no matter how big or small your business is.