One of the many benefits of GPS tracking software is that it allows you to reduce timesheet errors and streamline your business operations. A big challenge that many fleet managers face is getting accurate time reporting from drivers in the field. Because they are not on site all day, you have to trust that drivers are accurately reporting their time and not abusing the freedom they have in the field. GPS tracking software solves this problem by telling you where your drivers are at all times and whether the vehicle is moving, idling, or off.

Consider these four ways that GPS tracking software will help you reduce timesheet errors:

  1. Eliminate unintentional entry errors – Everybody makes mistakes. Whether they forgot when they started in the morning, write down a digit wrong, or make an illegible entry that your administration staff interprets incorrectly, your drivers are bound to make honest mistakes sometimes. GPS tracking software automatically records the first time the engine is started in the morning, the last time it’s turned off, and everything in between so you no longer have to rely on memory or data entry mistakes.
  2. Eliminate intentional entry errors – Hopefully it doesn’t happen too often, but every now and then you get a bad apple that wants to take advantage of your timesheet system. GPS tracking systems are proven to increase driver accountability, not just with respect to time tracking, but also with speeding and other bad driver behavior.
  3. Eliminate double data entry – Entering timesheet data into your payroll or accounting system can be very time consuming. It also creates the opportunity for manual data entry errors twice. GPS software allows you to quickly run timesheet reports for any specified driver, vehicle, and time period. Simply export the report to an Excel file and you can manipulate the data however you need to or import it into your accounting system to speed up both payroll and billing.
  4. Better tracking of overtime hours – Sometimes a driver needs overtime hours to complete assignments or provide service to customers in need. However, there are other times when overtime can be avoided, potentially saving you a lot of money. Use GPS tracking reports to pinpoint avoidable driver behavior that results in wasted labor. Perhaps you can improve your dispatching system or choose smarter routes. Either way, you can use timesheet data to identify and solve overtime problems.

GPS Trackit can help you solve all of these problems and more. Watch our GPS tracking software demos to learn more about all the small business benefits of these powerful systems.

How do you currently do timesheets for your fleet? How much time could you save with GPS tracking?

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