At Alexander Pacific, an electrical contractor in Temecula, Calif., improving customer service was a primary goal. So owner David Alexander began researching a technical solution. “We wanted to be able to track vehicles and drivers for two reasons–to monitor their current location and to be able to estimate time of arrival at the next job,” says Alexander. Alexander found GPS Trackit’s electrical field service software.

GPS Trackit electrical field service software offers an array of value-adding and time-saving features including real-time tracking of vehicles, automated dispatching, dynamic scheduling, and routing optimization. Plus, electrical contractors can stay on top of maintenance information and keep track of resources with the help of customizable reports and dashboards.

By leveraging the electrical fleet management tools from GPS Trackit, electrical contractors can easily manage their fleets and maximize efficiency in the field. With real-time dispatch automation, automated vehicle maintenance reminders, dynamic routing optimization, and more, electrical contractors have everything they need to get jobs done fast with less hassle. GPS Trackit makes it easy for electrical companies to stay organized and get the job done right.

For Alexander Pacific, adding the software was a game changer–and it dramatically improved their customer relationships. “Before, if we needed to find out where a truck was, the only way to do it was to try to track somebody down by phone,” says Alexander. “Now, we can tell a customer, ‘Your technician is in San Diego and he’s coming to San Bernardino, so that’s going to be at least two and a half hours. They love that part of it–having up-to-date and accurate information.” 

The quality of that real-time information also means Alexander Pacific is able to schedule the right number of crews each day, reduce overall drive time for each vehicle and quote jobs more accurately. Not only does Alexander have better information at dispatch, but GPS Trackit’s mobile app also enables his technicians to easily access job information from anywhere—which keeps them on track and ensures they are using the most up-to-date information. The software also reduces paperwork associated with employee timesheets and maintenance logs.

To find out how high-quality electrical field service software can help you transform your business, schedule a free consultation with a Fleet Advisor today and see a demo customized for your application.