Service industries rely heavily on drivers in the field to efficiently travel from site to site both quickly and safely. As a fleet manager or business owner, you want to be confident that your staff is operating with best interests of the business in mind at all times. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Using GPS fleet tracking to increase driver accountability can give you peace of mind that your employees are participating in the protection of both your assets and your reputation.

Improving Driver Accountability with GPS Fleet Tracking

Even if you could constantly look over the shoulder of every driver in the field, you have more important business matters to attend to. Fleet GPS tracking allows you to consistently monitor driver behavior in the following ways:

  • Route to trail comparison – Find out at a glance whether a driver followed the route assigned to them. With a route to trail comparison map overlay, you can see any detours or unsanctioned stops along the way.
  • Idling reports – Because fuel expenses don’t come out of their pockets, drivers don’t always think about the extra costs of excessive idling. When they know that their behavior is being monitored, your employees are more likely to think about the consequences of their actions.
  • Geofence and landmark alerts – Prevent employees from using company vehicles for personal use with geofences around parking areas. You might also want to use alerts if there are certain locations you want drivers to avoid.
  • Aggressive driving alerts – GPS fleet tracking allows you to monitor not only where your employees go, but how they drive. Aggressive driving in company vehicles can impact your reputation. Protect it with alerts and reports for hard braking, fast acceleration, and speeding.
  • Fuel card reports – Fuel is a necessary line item in your budget that you want to monitor and control. Unfortunately, drivers don’t always consider the most cost-effective options when filling the tank. Using fuel cards can help you get better rates and more closely monitor when and where drivers fuel up.  

If you are interested in learning more about GPS fleet tracking and how it can help you improve driver accountability, get in touch with GPSTrackIt today. We’ll walk you through the many advantages of adopting a GPS tracking system for your business and help you calculate the return on your investment so you can make a smart financial decision.

Do you know what your drivers are doing in the field?