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Monitor After-Hours Use

Keep Customers Happy

Reduce Fuel Waste

Improve Driver Accountability with GPS Tracking

GPS Trackit’s fleet management solutions have been built to help businesses improve employee accountability and promote driver productivity. This is accomplished through a combination of the improved visibility and timecard verification made possible by GPS tracking.

Poor driving behaviors typically result in wasted fuel and increased accident risk. With GPS Trackit’s driver safety solutions, you can set up alerts that will trigger when your drivers:

Accelerate too Quickly
Exceed Posted Speed
Brake too Quickly
Idle too Long
Make a Hard Turn

Always know where your drivers are...and what they're doing behind the wheel.

Fleet Manager™ offers alerts that can be used to notify dispatchers and fleet managers when a driver is not in compliance with established safe driving policies. A suite of reports with access to all historic event data can be used to educate drivers and encourage safe driving behavior.

Fleet managers can accurately verify time sheet information for drivers using data from the Timesheet, Start/Stop/Idle, and Moving reports. When it comes time to do billing, accounting, and invoicing, having the ability to verify driver time cards saves time and keeps your records accurate.

Keep your drivers supported, visible, and accountable with GPS tracking.