How GPS-enabled Dash Cams Can Save Lives and Money

Michigan is the automotive capital of the world, but recently, the Great Lakes State has shown some worrying on-road trends. Seat belt usage has shown a significant drop—from more than 98 percent in 2009 to 92.6 percent in 2021. That drop has contributed to a 10 percent increase in on-road fatalities.

Fleets make up only a fraction of those figures, but fleet operators not only are responsible for more miles driven per vehicle but also usually have more assets at risk when a traffic fatality or other accident happens. That’s why a combination of driver training programs, performance protocols, and technology-based monitoring is critical for risk management.

Using technology like GPS Trackit’s cloud-based dash cams—which monitor driver behavior and performance in real-time—fleets can track and reward drivers who follow proven safety protocols that reduce the incidence of accidents. GPS Trackit’s dashcam clients see an average reduction in collisions of more than 50 percent after they install the platform—which monitors everything from a driver’s area of focus to acceleration and braking patterns to the exterior environment around the vehicle. Fleet managers can modify behavior before an incident happens, and the system also provides a video and telematic record of everything happening inside and around the vehicle—a powerful tool for both ensuring driver compliance and defending drivers from unsubstantiated claims from other motorists.

A 50 percent reduction in collisions obviously saves money directly both in terms of repairs and vehicle and driver downtime. Lower accident rates and a documented driver telematics system also indirectly save money in the form of lower insurance premiums. Improved driver performance also reduces the severity of accidents when they do happen. GPS Trackit clients see an average of 68 percent reduction in collision repair costs because of more vigilant driving and better performance from braking systems that haven’t been subject to as many harsh applications. Drivers are safer. Fleets experience fewer and less severe collisions and system-wide maintenance and fuel costs go down. To see how GPS Trackit can improve your bottom line, set up a free consultation and platform demonstration.

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