Whether you’re operating a handful of pickup trucks or supervising an enormous fleet of tractor-trailers, fuel is your second largest expense behind depreciation. But unlike depreciation, fuel cost is one expense you can bring down with some attention and easy-to-use technology.

With the help of GPS Trackit and its integrated marketplace of technical solution apps, fleet managers can get real-time information about the vehicles in their care—and make faster decisions that help bring fuel costs down.

One great example? LifeSaver Mobile’s app works with GPS Trackit to monitor vehicle speed and provide audible warnings when legal or company thresholds are being crossed. Instead of a beep or other tone, the app uses a human voice to remind drivers to slow down—a statistically proven technique for increasing compliance. The app can also integrate with a driver’s smartphone to prevent distraction while a fleet vehicle is in motion—reducing what insurance adjusters call a fleet’s biggest accident risk factor.

Drivers get daily scores summarizing their performance—which gives fleet managers a valuable tool for using positive reinforcement to reward drivers who keep speeds down and save the company money.

And because LifeSaver integrates seamlessly with GPS Trackit and its industry-leading user dashboard, managers can see at a glance both overall fleet performance and a given driver’s personal “score” in real-time. Why wait for a monthly or quarterly report when you can impact your fuel cost consumption numbers right away, today?

For more information on GPS Trackit, LifeSaver Mobile, and the integrated app marketplace, click here to talk to one of our Fleet Advisors.

About GPS Trackit: GPS Trackit is the industry leader in fleet management, telematics, and video telematics solutions. The company’s award-winning cloud-based technology has been deployed in 12,000 fleets and hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide for nearly 20 years. Clients range in fleet size from two vehicles to more than 500, and they’re all covered by live, 24-hour, customer and GPS Trackit has been named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 List. GPS Trackit is based in Roswell, GA,

About LifeSaver Mobile: LifeSaver is a top-rated mobile app solution for Distracted Driving, combined with B2B subscription services for enterprise reporting. LifeSaver’s patented solution has been validated by over 30 million miles of driving. Most importantly, the LifeSaver platform is changing the culture of distracted driving. LifeSaver Mobile is based in San Jose, CA.

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