A vehicle tracking system provides numerous benefits for fleet managers and small business owners, one of which is the ability to improve dispatching. Optimizing your dispatching can help you save money by reducing fuel costs, and it also allows you to provide faster service to your customers. The more customers you can serve in a day, the more income you will have, which makes it even more clear why efficient dispatching is so important.

Your vehicle tracking system is one of the most useful tools you can utilize to improve dispatching. Real-time mapping is the most obvious feature that dispatchers can use, but there are other ways to optimize fleet tracking to streamline dispatching. Consider how the following features could help your team communicate more effectively with drivers in the field:

  • Landmarks – By creating landmarks for your office, customer locations, and other important sites, you can quickly identify which driver is closest. In fact, you can enter an address, vehicle, or landmark to identify the closest landmark, vehicle, or equipment. This type of flexibility allows you to operate more efficiently across all aspects of your fleet.
  • Geofences – Similar to landmarks, geofences can be created to let you know when a vehicle enters or leaves a certain area. The geofences might surround a particular neighborhood, office park, or other areas that you wish to track. Dispatchers can receive alerts whenever a driver has left or arrived so they can more quickly assign routes as needed.
  • Two-way driver communication – As your dispatchers receive tracking information from vehicles in the field, they can send messages directly to drivers with addresses, notes, and even a recommended route.
  • Mobile tools – Applications for tablets and smartphones can be used to quickly communicate with drivers in the field. They can also see their own location on a map as it relates to landmarks and other vehicles in the fleet.
  • Garmin integration – Some vehicle tracking systems can integrate with Garmin to provide two-way communication, route loading, navigation for drivers, and turn-by-turn alerts for dispatchers.

No matter which type of vehicle tracking system makes the most sense for your business, GPSTrackIt has a solution for you. Whether you simply want to track your assets to prevent theft or implement a robust solution with field service management tools, our consultative sales process is designed to help you select the right system for your needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about how your business can benefit from GPS, speak with a Fleet Advisor today to get started.

Which vehicle tracking system features would you use to improve dispatching for your business?