You’ve done the math. The more you know about your equipment, the easier it is to keep it in the field—and the better your bottom line is. What is the best way to make that math work in your favor? Link heavy equipment and field service technology for the easiest and most efficient solution. With a platform like GPS Trackit, you can see where all your assets are in real-time, track their historical locations, manage maintenance, and make sure you’re quoting jobs accurately.    


Turn Off the Moonlighting

Worried about crews using your heavy equipment on unauthorized jobs? A field service management platform like GPS Trackit lets you see at a glance where your gear is and allows you to set a geofence around a given area to alert you when it moves out of bounds. You’ll know your heavy equipment is where it’s supposed to be—and have a powerful tool for tracking it should it be stolen. 


Track Historical Locations 

Want to see how and where your heavy equipment is being used over time? Looking for troubleshooting information? With field service technology, you can easily access a bulldozer, crane, or another piece of heavy equipment’s location history and pinpoint exactly where it was when the issue occurred so you know how best to fix it. This helps save time and money by eliminating guesswork. Less downtime, miscommunication, and confusion means more jobs you can complete each week. 


Optimize Maintenance 

Heavy equipment can’t stay on the field if it isn’t maintained properly. And the key to maintenance is following a preventative schedule. With fleet management technology, you can set your platform to automatically notify you when your equipment needs maintenance. When that equipment needs repairs, you can also use the sophisticated route-planning features to make sure the hole in your schedule is covered by other units. 


Track Time Spent on Each Job  

Why guess when you can know? Tracking the time your heavy equipment spends on a particular job gives you insight into crew efficiency and also gives you the best data for quoting future jobs. Get an inquiry that requires a certain kind of specialized equipment? With better data, you can see where that equipment is, and give a new customer the most accurate time estimate for the job. 


You might think a simple tool like an Apple AirTag can handle this kind of job. AirTags work just fine for civilian applications like finding lost luggage, but the always-on power, precision, and durability of a platform like GPS Trackit’s makes it a much better choice for a field service operator. GPS Trackit’s experienced Fleet Advisors can show you exactly how heavy equipment and field service software would make a perfect match for your company. Set up a free, personalized demo today.