In a world of high gas prices and touchless digital transactions and potential credit card fraud, it’s never been more important to make sure your fleet fuel payments are secure and efficient. Car IQ integrates with your GPS Trackit fleet management solution to streamline and secure the process for businesses of all sizes. 

How Car IQ Works

Fleet managers use an easy-to-navigate dashboard to onboard vehicles to the Car IQ platform, set payment rules, and build a map of preferred fuel providers. You can connect your choice of funding options, from a credit card to a bank account. When one of your fleet vehicles approaches a linked provider, the Car IQ app links the vehicle to the pump, verifies the rules you’ve set—like spending or location limits—and lets your crew fill the tank, and go. It’s easier and more secure than using a credit card, available at thousands of locations nationwide like Shell, Sunoco, and Kum & Go, and drivers can be trained to use it in less than a day. 


Benefits of using Car IQ 

Car IQ lets you manage fleet fuel payments in one place, making it easier to track spending and pinpoint areas where you can save money. It also offers an array of benefits that includes: 

  • Secure payments – All transactions are encrypted and processed securely, meaning you don’t have to worry about unauthorized purchases or fraudulent activity. 
  • Automated billing – The platform automatically generates invoices for each purchase, so you don’t have to manually create them. 
  • Easy access – You can access the platform from anywhere via mobile or web browser, giving you the flexibility to manage your fleet fuel payments wherever and whenever you need to. 
  • Comprehensive reporting – Generate detailed reports on your fleet’s fuel spend which can help you identify opportunities for saving money and improving efficiency. 
  • Intelligent analytics – Receive insights into your spending patterns which can help you understand how to better manage your costs and optimize operations. 


What Fleet Managers are Saying

Two of the most popular features of Car IQ are logistics improvements and data integration. For logistics, Car IQ takes away the need to send out fuel credit cards, manage pin numbers, and track down and deal with lost or stolen cards. With the ability to set up specific rules for each vehicle, you’re also able to virtually eliminate fuel theft and fraud. Your vehicles get refueled when and where you determine, every time. And with the accounting aggregation and advanced data tracking that comes standard, you get full visibility into your fueling operations. See all of your fuel costs in one place, and analyze each vehicle and crew for factors like efficiency, routing, and maintenance needs.   


How to Get Car IQ

To add Car IQ functionality to your GPS Trackit platform, talk to your Account Manager.