GPS Trackit has released a tool unique to the world of Fleet Management. The new Driver tablet site from GPS Trackit enables drivers using tablet devices like iPads and Androids to send and receive messages and plan routes.

driver mobile gps tablets
The Driver tablet site works across platforms.

GPS Trackit introduces an innovative mobile workforce tool with the release of Driver©. Driver is a website optimized for tablet devices that provides drivers with two-way communications by chat or forms with dispatchers and fleet managers. It also provides them with route management and timekeeping utilities. Driver compliments their recent releases for smartphones and tablet apps for dispatchers and fleet managers, putting the mobile in mobile workforce management.

According to Eddie Bermudez, Product Manager, GPSTrackIt’s vehicle tracking system has been enhanced with Field Service Manager (FSM).

“The FSM is the control center for all of the mobile workforce management tools available through the Driver website. Dispatchers and fleet managers use the Field Service Manager to create and send messages. The can build Quick Messages and Quick Responses that drivers can select from a list. They can also create forms with multiple questions, and multiple choice answers that streamline the communications process.”

Driver will look at all the stops and do the arranging for you,” adds Bermudez. “It will evaluate the relative distances and calculate the most efficient route.”

Dispatchers enter stops and build routes using the FSM. The routes can be rearranged as new stops are added, saving drivers time and reducing the need for them to call in. The routes are pushed out to the drivers, who can then display them on maps and list out the directions. They can also use a third-party navigation app to render true turn-by-turn directions.

And soon Driver will provide route optimization.

“Driver will look at all the stops and do the arranging for you,” adds Bermudez. “It will evaluate the relative distances and calculate the most efficient route.”

In addition, the FSM also provides a mobile time clock.

“This enables drivers to clock in and out using the tablet,” Bermudez continues. “That data, as with the chats, stops, and forms, can be reported on using Fleet Manager’s reports. It provides fleet managers with a verification tool for employee timekeeping.”

One of the other advantages to using a tablet device is that it offers users a wide variety of useful mobile apps.

“Tablet devices provide our customers with a platform that not only connects them to the Fleet Manager system, but many other productivity tools,” adds John Stull, President and founder of GPSTrackIt. “Drivers can make use of other apps and peripherals to do credit card transactions, scan and transmit contracts, and perform many other important tasks.”

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