GPS vehicle tracking is not just about knowing where your fleet is at all times, it is also a useful tool for optimizing routes and streamlining your dispatching process. You and your dispatchers know which sites need to be visited on a given day. Simply enter in a driver’s stops for the day and let your GPS software tell you the most efficient route. The route will be displayed on a map for the driver and all they have to do is follow the directions from site to site.

Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking with Route Optimization

Not every fleet GPS solution includes route optimization, so make sure you look for a GPS provider that offers this option. There are several benefits to using your GPS vehicle tracking system to optimize routes:

  • Fuel economy – Shorter routes mean less fuel consumption, which translates to fewer expenses for your business. Efficient routes also reduce wear and tear on your vehicles so you can get the most from these valuable assets.
  • Productivity – Smart routing helps ensure that your drivers visit as many customer sites as possible in a day, which means that you get more from your payroll budget.
  • Customer satisfaction – The more happy customers you can serve in a day, the more they will return to you for future business. Route optimization allows you to quickly and efficiently get the closest driver to your customer.

GPS Trackit takes route optimization one step further with our Driver tablet site. Now when drivers get re-routed during the day, they can get a new optimized route with the click of a button. Even the best-planned days sometimes get changed. Perhaps a driver had to respond to an urgent customer call that wasn’t on their original route, or maybe they simply went to lunch at a place off the beaten path. Whatever the reason for the change, you want to make it as easy as possible for your drivers to get back on track.

If you’re interested in learning more about GPS vehicle tracking and the many features that can improve the way you do business, get in touch with the experts at GPS Trackit. Our software solution has all the robust features you need to provide better service to your customers and boost profits at the same time. Speak with a Fleet Advisor today and see what GPS vehicle tracking can do for you.

How much time do you think your drivers could save with easy route optimization with a tablet?