Driver safety is an important issue for fleet managers. Protecting employees and limiting health insurance claims is good for both morale and your budget. Fortunately, a good vehicle tracking system can help you keep your drivers (and your vehicles) safe.

Even the most comprehensive company policy can’t control how drivers behave. Requiring them to wear seat belts whenever they are in the vehicle does not necessarily mean that they do it without fail. However, using your vehicle tracking system to monitor seat belt use means that you can take control of this particular driver behavior, in addition to speeding, idling, and other activities.

Use Your Vehicle Tracking System to Monitor Seat Belt Use

If your fleet GPS solution supports PTO monitoring, you can create alerts to let you know when a driver does not have their seat belt on while the vehicle is moving. You can also access reports with historical seat belt usage behavior when it comes time to review an employee.

There are several benefits to implementing seat belt monitoring for your fleet:

  • Reduce injuries – Accidents happen. Even the best drivers are faced with situations they cannot control. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belts reduce serious injuries and deaths by about 50%. Every fleet manager has concerns about accidents; reduce the likelihood of an injury or worse by ensuring that your drivers are protected.
  • Encourage better behavior – Good habits encourage better driver behavior in general. In addition, when your employees know that their seat belt use, speed, location, and idling times are being monitored, they behave more responsibly.
  • Reduce insurance costs – Companies that implement fleet GPS benefit from lower insurance premiums, and the more safety features you have, the more you can save.

Seat belt monitoring is not the only safety feature that fleet GPS provides. You can also track hard braking, hard acceleration, and speeding to see just how safe your drivers are. The more you know, the better you will be able to make meaningful changes that protect your valuable assets and keep your employees safer.

Your vehicle tracking system can do so much more than improve driver safety. You can also increase profits, streamline your billing process, reduce fuel costs, and more. To learn more about how GPS tracking can improve your business, speak with a Fleet Advisor or sign up for a live demo. We’ll help you select the system that makes the most sense for your business, and for your budget.

Does your vehicle tracking system let you monitor seat belt use?