GPS Trackit adds to its fleet management offerings with new alerts and reporting for rapid acceleration, hard braking, and sudden stops.

In addition, users of the company’s Fleet Manager system can send text or email alerts if a driver isn’t wearing their seat belt.

driver safety alerts
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New alerts available in GPS Trackit’s Fleet Manager© application offer added monitoring capabilities to their already extensive suite of event, location, and maintenance alerts. Users are now able to monitor four additional parameters that enhance driver safety.

Two of the new alerts relate to driving behaviors. The first, Rapid Acceleration, sends alerts to designated recipients when the vehicle accelerates aggressively. Rapid acceleration is harder on engines and has been shown to result in increased fuel consumption.

The Hard Brake alert notifies responders of instances in which the vehicle rapidly decelerates. Rapid deceleration means greater wear on brakes. As a driving behavior, it is a potential indicator of a driver following too closely, or of distracted driving.

According to Eddie Bermudez, GPS Trackit’s Product Manager, the Sudden Stop alert notifies dispatchers and fleet managers when a vehicle has been involved in a collision.

“When a dispatcher gets a sudden stop alert, they can call the driver to make sure they’re safe.  If emergency medical or law enforcement  personnel are needed they can call 911 and provide the exact location of the driver and vehicle.”

The Rapid Acceleration, Hard Brake, and Sudden Stop data is now included in the Fleet Manager system’s Detailed Report, enabling fleet managers to educate drivers on these undesirable and potentially dangerous driving behaviors.

In addition, Fleet Manager now provides a Seat Belt alert.

“Fleet Manager monitors the seatbelt sensor in a vehicle,” according to Eddie Bermudez, GPS Trackit’s Product Manager. “The system is able to accept inputs from a variety of sources.”

The alerts can be sent via text or email to any contact configured in the system. They can even be sent to the driver as a reminder for them to put on their seatbelts.

Bermudez adds that the Seat Belt alert data can be displayed in Fleet Manager’s Input Report.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45% and cut the risk of serious injury by 50%.

For more information about GPS Trackit, their new vehicle alerts, or their Fleet Manager vehicle tracking system, visit their website.