Fleet GPSA good fleet GPS system will tell you not just where your drivers are, but also what they are doing. Most GPS tracking software provides data on vehicle speeds, but not all solutions let you know when a driver brakes too hard. Hard braking and other unsafe driver behavior can have devastating consequences for your business. Nip these poor driving habits in the bud by monitoring them with your fleet GPS system.

Monitor Hard Braking with Fleet GPS

Some GPS tracking systems can track and record when a driver decelerates faster than a certain rate. An accelerometer integrated with your GPS system can let you know when a vehicle goes faster or slower too quickly in a short period of time. This information has several benefits, including:

  • Aggressive driving – If you notice a lot of hard braking from a particular employee, it could be a sign that they are driving too aggressively. Hard braking often happens when drivers tailgate other vehicles, or when they do not leave enough time to stop at intersections. This type of behavior can result in collisions and gives company-branded vehicles a bad reputation.
  • Accident avoidance – In some cases, a hard braking incident indicates that the driver avoided a collision or responded quickly to a change in traffic patterns. When these infrequent incidents occur you will know about them so you have the opportunity to get a full report from the driver.
  • Vehicle protection – Vehicles are valuable assets that should be protected so you can get the most from your investment. Hard braking can increase maintenance costs and require more frequent repairs.
  • Fuel economy – Hard braking impacts gas mileage, which impacts your fuel budget. Driving at a steady speed and decelerating slowly will help ensure that you get the best gas mileage from your vehicles.

Why should you care about monitoring hard braking? The safety of your fleet depends largely on the behavior of your drivers. The more responsible they are, the safer your vehicles and drivers will be. Taking proactive safety measures can help you keep insurance premiums low and foster a culture of safety within your company.

If you are looking for a fleet GPS provider that allows you to monitor hard barking and other driver behavior, get in touch with GPSTrackIt today. We provide solutions for every industry to help you increase productivity, reduce fuel costs, and improve driver safety. View our online demos now to see what else we have to offer.

What driver behavior would you like to monitor with fleet GPS?