GPS Fleet TrackingOne of the many reasons to use GPS fleet tracking is to save money, even if you don’t have a fleet of vehicles owned by the business. If your company reimburses employees when they use their personal cars for business use, you may be spending thousands of dollars each year that you could be saving. Of course, you want to compensate your staff when they drive on behalf of the company, but you don’t want to spend more than necessary.

If your staff currently uses a manual log book to track mileage, it is most likely inaccurate and it is certainly open to abuse. Even smart phone software for mileage tracking is not always accurate, especially if the driver doesn’t have the device in the vehicle at all times. GPS fleet tracking can ensure that you pay for only the mileage that applies to the business.

How to Use GPS Fleet Tracking for Mileage Reimbursement

When you install GPS tracking devices on employee vehicles, you have all the information you need to monitor their activity during working hours. When it comes time to pay your staff for the miles they have driven, simply run a mileage reimbursement report to view the travel start time, stop time, and distance traveled. You can then select which segments of the trip to reimburse, which is very useful if the entire day of travel was not for business reasons.

If a particular trip seems longer than it should be, use a Google map to see the route taken. If you see personal detours on the route, you can adjust your mileage reimbursement accordingly.

Some of the industries that can use GPS fleet tracking for mileage reimbursement include:

  • Home health care
  • Sales
  • Field services
  • Consulting

Employees benefit from simplified reporting, and you can be confident that you are not spending money when you shouldn’t be. You can also monitor locations during the work day to ensure that your staff is where they should be while on company time. Business owners can also use this GPS tracking feature to track tax-deductible mileage and save thousands of dollars each year.

GPSTrackIt offers vehicle tracking systems for all types of businesses. Whether you own your own fleet, reimburse mileage for personal vehicles, or both, we can help you select the system that is right for your business. Contact us today to request pricing and speak with a sales consultant.

How much do you think you could save on mileage reimbursement if you had GPS fleet tracking?