GPS Trackit provides products and services to a number of different market industries, including construction companies. Builders often use GPS for construction by using it to track and monitor equipment usage. Within the industry, there are a number of reasons a construction company should consider using a GPS solution.

Expensive trailers and equipment are left on project locations, drivers must haul supplies and equipment to and from job sites, and amidst all of this, dispatch needs to know where their fleet is at all times. Companies like T.L. Wallace Construction have seen the value and peace of mind GPS for construction provides. After purchasing a new fleet of trucks for a job site located out of their normal operating boundaries, T.L. Wallace Construction turned to to learn about their GPS tracking systems.

GPS solutions

Assessing Needs

When looking to use GPS for construction purposes, knowing what your needs are make finding a solution that much easier. For T.L. Wallace, their concerns were vehicle monitoring, location tracking, theft, and job route detours.

Implementing a GPS tracking solution for T.L. Wallace provided them with the data needed to monitor not only a vehicles location, but if that vehicle is idling, loading, unloading, speeding, or simply not where it was routed to be.

Having access to the actionable data from their GPS solution improved billing procedures for T.L. Wallace.

“We are normally billing a week behind, while waiting for time-sheets to be turned in. The report section has allowed us to stay only 1 day behind and has helped us catch many errors that would have been either over or under billed in the past.,” states Michael Bullock.

Imagine the additional saving to your operating budget when you factor in money saved on fuel consumption and engine wear and tear. Companies using a GPS tracking solution are experiencing up to 20% in savings annually. It is important when choosing your GPS solution to make sure you do your research as all products and companies are not created equally.


Real Results

When asked why they chose for their GPS tracking solution, T.L. Wallace replied, “They offered the best 2 year cost and we were pleased with the service we had experienced in the past. We installed the GPS units ourselves. We connected the first one incorrectly and tech support went the extra mile with our mechanics making sure that everything was connected for the use we had in mind.” is constantly advancing its GPS tracking technology to stay ahead of the competition. With a growing number of market industries realizing the benefits of implementing a GPS tracking solution, we realize the importance of not only top-of-the-line products, but providing the highest quality customer service and technical support available.

If your business is considering using GPS for construction, contact today and let them customize the right GPS solution for you.