Global Tracking Communications, Inc. has a number of GPS tracking solutions for first responder fleets.

GPS tracking solutions are as much about public safety as they are about fleet management, when it comes to emergency first responder units. GPS tracking solutions help to ensure an emergency response vehicle responds to a call on-time, is efficiently routed to a call location, and can report any siren and light activity.

This information is important to ensuring that our first responder teams are able to do their job effectively, while also ensuring the safety of the public.


First response vehicles are subject to something called the ‘Golden Hour.’

This is described by the US National Library of Medicine as a term implying that, “morbidity and mortality are affected if care is not instituted within the first hour after injury.” (Lerner & Moscati, 2001)

The time between receiving an emergency call, locating a vehicle, dispatching call information, and the emergency response vehicle arriving on the scene, can mean the difference between life and death. Use of a GPS tracking solution can aid dispatchers in determining the closest first responder to a call location. It can also help dispatchers in providing the best possible route to travel in order to save valuable time.


Route navigation for emergency response vehicles is a matter of life and death in some situations. Years ago, I received a $475 ambulance bill.

I remember wondering, as we were driving, why the ambulance driver chose the route that took the longest, instead of the shortest, to get to the hospital. The answer was apparent as I looked at what I was being charged per mile on the less than three mile trip from my house to the hospital. Dispatchers using GPS tracking solutions can ensure that first response drivers are not only taking the quickest routes to their emergency calls, but the safest routes as well.

Being able to determine whether a route will take an emergency response vehicle into an area where there are one-ways or road closures can prevent wasted minutes needed when trying to save a life. GPS tracking solutions for emergency response vehicles can also log siren and light activity to ensure their use is not being abused.


How many times have you been at an intersection and have heard sirens and seen lights coming up from behind you? We’ve all been there!

Have you ever had an emergency response vehicle to turn on their siren and lights only to get through an intersection and as soon as they’re through it, the emergency becomes non-existent and lights and sirens are turned off? Been there too!

Global Tracking Communications, Inc. provides GPS tracking solutions to help eliminate the abuse of siren and light activation with first responder units. Emergency first response vehicles equipped with a GPS tracking device can be monitored by dispatch to establish when a vehicle turns on their siren and lights in response to an emergency being dispatched to their unit.

This will aid in monitoring timely response and dispatch times to emergency locations, while continuing to ensure the safety of the community. Establishing a GPS solution for your first responder fleet can improve emergency response times, route navigation, and monitor siren and light activation.