GPS track logs can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple locations or groups of drivers. While all of this data is important and useful, it can be difficult to do a quick analysis if you need to. You don’t always have time to sit down and sift through multiple GPS reports to find the answer you need. Even if you do have time, it is easy to become overwhelmed with data, especially if your fleet is larger than just a couple vehicles.

Fleet managers and business owners can now use analytics to make GPS track logs more meaningful. Consider how these eight analytics reports can help you better run your fleet:

  1. Idle time – Excessive idling can result in higher fuel costs. It can also be an indicator of poor route choices or inappropriate driver behavior. Idle time reports can be displayed in a pie chart to compare drivers, in a graph to show idling behavior over time, or in a stacked column so you can compare groups over time.
  2. Drive time – This pie chart lets you compare drive time between groups so you can allocate resources more appropriately.
  3. Stop time – Similar to the idle time report, you can view a pie chart, bar graph, or stacked columns to quickly see which vehicles have the most recorded stop time. This report can help you identify wasted labor.
  4. Speeding – Compare vehicle speeding over time in a bar graph or stacked column so you can identify the drivers and groups that may be costing you more money and increasing your liability.
  5. Mileage – This bar graph displays vehicle mileage over time. A snapshot view of your mileage allows you to predict busy and slow periods, identify irregular spikes in activity, and recognize possible maintenance needs.
  6. Engine time – Displayed as a pie chart, bar graph, or stacked columns, this report combines idle time and driving time to give you total engine hours. If some groups or drivers log more engine hours more than others, it might make sense to rotate your vehicles periodically to reduce engine wear.
  7. Driving overview – Monitor the total driving time, idle time, and stop time of your vehicles in a pie chart or bar graph.
  8. Idle stop – Do you want to get a better understanding of vehicle down time? The idle stop report shows you when your vehicles are not active, which also means they are not contributing to growing your profits.

All analytics reports let you easily view GPS track log data over, days, weeks, months, quarters, or years, so you can choose the time frame that is most meaningful for your business. Many reports also allow you to display an average line on bar graphs and stacked columns.

If there are reports that you use regularly, simply add up to six of them to your dashboard so you can get a snapshot view at a glance.

GPS Trackit lets you make the most of your GPS track logs with Analytics for Fleet. Whether you want to track driver behavior or evaluate vehicle performance over time, you can do it quickly and easily.