Your vehicle tracking system is a powerful tool that can be used to save money in multiple ways, but only if you use all the features. One feature that some GPS tracking providers offer is fuel card integration. Payroll and fuel are two of the largest expenses for fleet managers. Saving even a small percentage on either of these necessary expenditures can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Fuel Savings with Your Vehicle Tracking System

Fuel cards can be used with your GPS tracking system in multiple ways to help you save money on fleet costs:

  • Use landmarks to mark gas stations – Drivers and dispatchers will be able to quickly identify the closest participating gas station, so the least amount of fuel will be consumed getting there. This also helps you optimize labor costs by allowing drivers to fuel up faster.
  • Monitor fuel purchases – Fuel cards help you save money, especially if you get deeper discounts at certain locations, so you want to be sure your drivers are using them. Your vehicle tracking system can tell you when and where a driver fueled up so you can be sure they are using your preferred vendors.
  • Give clarity to your expenses – If all gas purchases are made with fuel cards, you can quickly see how much you are spending each month. Fuel cards allow you to track and monitor this very important expense more easily.
  • Keep drivers honest – GPS tracking allows you to confirm that every fuel card expenditure was used for one of your vehicles. This prevents drivers from making purchases for their personal vehicles and saves you money that you might not have known you were losing.

Drivers appreciate fuel cards because they make it easier for them to fuel up quickly and get back on the road faster. Managers and business owners benefit from the peace of mind that drivers don’t need company credit cards and cannot easily abuse fuel cards. Everybody benefits from lower fuel prices because you can apply those savings to other areas of the business.

GPS Trackit offers fuel card integration and many other useful features that can help you optimize your fleet. We introduce new features and tools all the time so you can benefit from the latest vehicle tracking system technology available. Speak with a Fleet Advisor today to learn about how GPS fleet tracking can help you save money and run your business better.

How much does your fleet spend on fuel each month?