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Planning to Implement a Safety Program?  Avoid These 9 Pitfalls

Safety programs have become an integral part of fleet. But, as with everything, there are successful ways to set up a program, and not-so-successful.  The fleet industry is operating squarely in a “safety zone” today. While this is good news for fleet drivers, the public, and companies’ bottom lines, even with the best intentions, a safety program can fail to live up to its noble intentions.

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‘Cognitive Distraction’ Means Hands-Free Cell Phones Aren’t Any Safer

Fleet managers walked out of the Fleet Safety Conference keynote speech vowing to change the use of cell phones while driving in both their fleets and their personal lives, following a powerful presentation on distracted driving.  While most people realize the potential dangers of texting while driving and talking on a handheld phone while driving, the idea of “cognitive distraction” is harder for people to grasp, explained David Teater, senior director, transportation initiatives, for the National Safety Council, a non-governmental, nonprofit association.

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GPS tracks down man accused of stealing $500,000 in wine

A Miami man almost got away with $500,000 of imported wine, but a GPS unit inside a 53-foot semitrailer led authorities straight to the suspect, according to a Florida Highway Patrol arrest report.  FHP troopers listened to live location updates around 3 p.m Tuesday after the owner of American Express Lines reported the stolen truck. Troopers listened as dispatchers reported the truck heading south along Florida’s Turnpike as it passed Okeechobee Boulevard, Southern Boulevard, Forest Hill Boulevard and eventually stopped at the Lake Worth service plaza, according to the FHP arrest report.