Vehicle Tracking SystemVehicle tracking systems are not just for businesses that make deliveries or have large fleets that crisscross the nation. They can also be used for optimizing a sales force, no matter how large or small. If you have an outside sales team, a GPS tracking system can help you save money and ensure that your team is operating at peak performance levels.

Streamline Operations with Vehicle Tracking Systems

Your administrative staff interacts with your sales team for reimbursements and other operational tasks. Streamline these activities to get the most from both departments.

  • Mileage reimbursement – If your sales force uses personal vehicles, you know that mileage reimbursement can be a time-consuming task. This process can be automated with GPS tracking software. You also run the risk of paying too much for employees that over-report their mileage or include personal trips in mileage reports. A GPS tracking system can solve both of these problems by providing accurate data every time. 
  • Monitor territories – Set up geofences for each territory so you can quickly see when a salesperson goes outside their boundaries. This simple task helps eliminate disputes and ensures that each salesperson stays focused on their own territory. 

Boost Sales with Vehicle Tracking Systems

Optimizing a sales force includes identifying what people are doing right, and what they are doing not so well. Your GPS tracking system can help you do both.

  • Identify best practices – What are your top sales people doing differently from everybody else? Use driver analytics and other reporting tools to identify the best practices that should be applied across your entire sales force. 
  • Shorten the hiring cycle – If you run a sales team, you know how much turnover there is. A rotating sales force is simply a part of the business, but you can minimize the impact by using your GPS tracking system to more quickly identify who is going to make the cut and who is not. 

Save Money with Vehicle Tracking Systems

Running a sales team costs money. Although you can’t eliminate many of these costs, you can use vehicle tracking systems to reduce expenses in some key areas.

  • Lower insurance rates – Companies that use GPS tracking enjoy lower insurance premiums than those that don’t. Savings of up to 30% can add up quickly. What would you do with the extra money you could save? 
  • Increase accountability – Salespeople in the field have a lot of freedom. This means that they can speed, take the scenic route, or say they have visited a prospect when they actually have not. All of these behaviors can be prevented with a vehicle tracking system. A sales force that knows they are being monitored will naturally improve their behavior on the job. 

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How do you currently monitor the activities of your outside sales team?