Fleet tracking systems can be used to monitor vehicles, heavy equipment, and employees who use these valuable assets. Keeping your construction team accountable for their actions can be difficult, especially since you can’t be everywhere at once. However, fleet tracking systems offer features that allow you to keep an eye on all of your operations, no matter where you are.

Using Fleet Tracking Systems to Manage Construction Teams

Workers on a construction site do not always operate as efficiently as you would like them to. Although they might be on their best behavior when a supervisor or manager is around, it’s impossible to know how they behave when left alone. Construction fleet management systems allow you to have more insight into employee behavior with the following features:

  • Ignition reports – Get a snapshot view of when workers are (or not) using the equipment.
  • Start/stop reports – Find out when a vehicle or piece of equipment was in motion, for how long, and where it traveled.
  • PTO reports – Just because the ignition is on does not mean that work is being done. Monitoring power take-off events allows you to get a better picture of the activity that happens on-site when you’re not there.
  • Geofences – Prevent workers from entering certain areas by setting up geofences around them and receiving alerts when they are crossed.
  • Idling reports – Excess idling costs you money. Your workers may not care, but you certainly do. Monitoring engine idling can help you reduce fuel costs and prompt your employees to be more productive
  • Fuel card integration – Ensure that your employees use company fuel cards so you can better control your budget. Fleet tracking systems allow you to confirm that fuel cards are being used at designated stations.

Employees and contract workers don’t have the same vested interest as business owners do. After they clock out and go home they don’t have to think about when the next maintenance appointment needs to be scheduled, how close they are to going over the fuel budget, or whether they will be able to make payroll this week. Because you do have to worry about all these elements of running a business, doesn’t it make sense to use the available tools that make it easier for you?

If you would like to learn more about how fleet tracking systems can improve the way you manage your construction personnel, talk to one of the experts at GPSTrackIt. We work with all types of companies to find GPS tracking solutions that can save you time and money. Speak to a Fleet Advisor today.

How do you currently manage your construction teams when you’re not on-site?