GPS tracking works… What would you do if you walked out to your driveway one morning to witness your vehicle – and thousands of dollars in equipment – being driven away by a total stranger? An Arizona Pipeline worker who watched his truck disappear into the distance one cold winter morning acted fast, alerting not only the police, but his manager, who was quick to employ GPS Trackit’s fleet tracking system utilized by the company.

Mayhem Ensues…
Looking at a potential loss of $40-45,000, Compliance and Transportation Manager Neil Christensen immediately consulted his GPS tracking Fleet Manager heavy equipment tracking console. The GPS tracking software immediately identified the location of the vehicle in a cul-de-sac not far from where it was stolen.

Christensen immediately notified the police station in hopes of circumventing a theft insurance claim. He got his wish. The police arrived at the scene to find the vehicle intact, including its equipment. It was returned to Arizona Pipeline within an hour for business as usual.

This wasn’t the first time GPS Trackit’s Fleet Manager was used to recover stolen vehicles for the operation. Thanks to the GPS tracking software, other vehicles have also been recovered intact.

Not a One Horse Show…
In addition to using Fleet Manager for the rapid recovery of stolen vehicles, Christensen also uses the software for monitoring, tracking, and submitting driver safety reports to their divisions and risk management supervisor monthly. Additionally, Fleet Manager is employed to track vehicles on the job site and monitor vehicle speeds. Due to their operations spanning multiple states, Fleet Manager’s state fuel tax reporting capabilities have also been a boon to the business.

The After-Effect?…
Christensen is thrilled with Fleet Manager System. The pipeline began installing tracking devices on vehicles last August, and is utilizing Fleet Manager’s heavy equipment tracking capabilities on over 400 vehicles so far. The goal? A device on each and every one of their 537 units.

GPS tracking equipment and software is great at the obvious – protecting your assets – but it’s capable of so much more. Are you overlooking its other bountiful benefits? Find out more about the full extent of tracking and cost containment solutions available to your business from the industry leader in tracking technology. Contact GPS Trackit today.