Get even more functionality from your fleet management platform with GPS monitoring system accessories that give you more control over your vehicles and their cargo. These accessories are just some of the efficiency enhancements you can ask your GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor.

Driver ID Tells You Who’s Behind the Wheel

Want to make sure you know who’s driving your vehicles at all times? Connect the Driver ID scanner to your in-cab monitor. Employees scan their credentials and the data is transmitted along with vehicle telematics so you can associate every mile driven with a specific driver. Use it for everything from time card clocking to driver metric measurement. When you know more, you can do more. 

Stay in Control with Starter Disable

For ultimate vehicle control, attach the GPS Trackit Starter Disable to your tracking module. It gives you the power to remotely disable and activate your vehicle’s starting mechanisms. Set an automatic schedule for specific working hours or operate it manually for special situations like authorized weekend use or disabling a stolen or lost vehicle. Your trucks will never roll without your approval again!   

Keep Cool with Temperature Monitoring

Temperature-sensitive cargo is the name of the game for fleet businesses that deliver goods like food. With the GPS Trackit Temperature Monitoring system, you receive real-time information about the conditions inside your truck. Automated warnings give you the heads up you need to take corrective action before a load gets compromised—which means your customer service credentials stay impeccable. 

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