Life on the road for a field service business moves fast. Without the right tools, you’re going to miss something. The best mobile field service management software gives you the information you need to get your vehicles and crews in the right places every time on time—and makes it easier to plan, protect and profit from your fleet. 

Let’s take a look at five ways mobile field service management software can make your work easier and more profitable. 

Eyes on Every Road

Want to know where every truck is, where it’s headed and where it’s been? Systems like GPS Trackit use geolocation to give you real-time information about every vehicle in your fleet. Confirm your clients are being covered, get crews where you need them, and make sure your drivers are where they say they are. 

Make Your Drivers Customer Service Heroes 

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than interacting with a service provider who doesn’t have the right tools—or information—to complete the job. With GPS Trackit’s Drivers’ Stops module, your crews can have up-to-date information for every call—which means they can load out appropriately and respond effectively if the situation changes. Crews can send and receive work notes from central dispatch, update work orders and receive scheduling changes all from a mobile app. Save duplication of effort and reduce the time it takes to clear customers’ service requests—and watch your success metrics climb.  

Information the Way You Need It

Are your crews filling out and filing cumbersome paper forms? Are you waiting weeks or months to aggregate this “old school” information into data you can use to make operational decisions? Mobile field service management software like GPS Trackit gives you the power to use mobile-based functional forms to onboard new customer information, job site information, and work order updates. Now your data can be in motion in real-time—giving you the insight you need in time to make better decisions. 

Better Job Quoting Means More Profits

With precision GPS tracking in your vehicles, you can know exactly how long it takes to perform every job—and how long it takes to get to and from each account. You can also drill down to the crew level and discover which teams are the most efficient and particular kinds of jobs, making your scheduling and routing decisions more productive. With mobile field service management software, you can make sure you’re charging your customers a fair price for the service you’re providing—and even eliminate some of the “loss-leader” clients on the fringes of your service area. 

Why Guess When You Can Know?

Is your daily or weekly route assignment process a guessing game? Are some of your crews working substantially more hours or driving way more miles? GPS Trackit’s mobile field service management software gives you a comprehensive map view of each crew with pins for every stop. These “crumb trails” make it easier to build routes that consolidate stops, get specialized crews where they need to be, and service more accounts with the same assets. One GPS Trackit client used the software to re-draw service routes in a way that covered 20 percent more clients with the same number of vehicles and crew–all while driving fewer total miles each day. 


GPS Trackit has mobile field service management software to help you get the most out of your fleet. To get a personalized demo from one of our Fleet Advisors, click here to set up a consultation