If you transport temperature-sensitive cargo, you’re probably looking for ways to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. A trailer temperature monitoring system can help with both of those goals. Let’s talk about three of the main reasons GPS Trackit clients add this accessory to their fleet management platform:

Keep Your Cargo in Good Condition

A good trailer temperature monitoring system measures the temperature inside the trailer and then sends the data through the GPS-enabled monitor in the cab. You can get temperature data from every truck in your fleet, in real-time, through the central dashboard. Then, the platform’s notification system tells you when any vehicle falls out of acceptable range. By keeping an eye on the temperature inside your trailers, you can ensure that your temperature-sensitive cargo arrives in good condition.

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind

With real-time notifications, you can take action to correct a problem before it leads to trailer damage or cargo spoilage. That means your customers have peace of mind knowing temperature-sensitive cargo like meat, ice cream or produce is well-protected. You can also provide documentation about the temperature status throughout the journey. Happy customers turn into repeat customers. 

Reduce Your Costs

If you’re losing loads because of temperature control failure, you’re losing more than customers. It could also end up increasing your insurance premiums. An effective temperature monitoring system shows your insurance carrier you pay attention to details. When you make the effort to protect cargo, you end up being a better insurance risk. Another cost reducer? Catching maintenance problems in your trailers early means you won’t have as many repeat trips or trailers out of commission.  

A trailer temperature monitoring system is a valuable tool for any fleet manager that wants to be a part of the $12 billion refrigerated freight industry. If you’re not using one, now is the time to consider it.

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