Field service business fleet managers send their landscaping, roofing, pest control, or construction crews on thousands of calls every day. Those trucks drive millions of miles every year—and accidents can happen. But what happens when the other driver in one of those accidents makes a false claim? If you don’t have witnesses, you don’t have any evidence. With GPS Trackit’s video telematics and dashcam solutions, fleet managers can capture high-definition footage of an incident, even in low light. The footage can stream back to HQ in real-time, stored on board or on the cloud—giving you easy access to the evidence you need to prevent false claims and costly lawsuits. 

Video Telematics dashcam
Video Telematics dashcam

One GPS Trackit customer installed dashcams on her distributorship vehicles two weeks before one truck was involved in an accident. The other driver claimed the distribution truck veered out of its lane and caused the wreck—but video evidence proved that wasn’t the case, and it was the other driver at fault.


Giving your drivers that kind of support during a false claim is just one more way to differentiate your fleet when you’re competing for experienced talent. Drivers want to work for fleet managers who recognize and reward safety and efficiency. Video telematics helps you do exactly that.  


In addition to the support, video telematics provides your crews, the driver-facing dashcams in GPS Trackit’s platform use artificial intelligence to recognize real-time behaviors that could lead to distracted driving—and coach drivers to improve their performance. GPS Trackit clients see a reduction in their collision rates by up to 50 percent, and a reduction in accident costs by a staggering 68 percent. 


Simply put, the cost savings surrounding one incident is often more than the entire fleet-wide investment in video telematics for the year. 


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