Streamlining systems is one of the best ways for businesses of all sizes to reduce costs and optimize operations. For fleet managers, combining a GPS tracking system with field service management tools can do just this. The ability to seamlessly integrate two-way driver communication and customer-related documents with real-time mapping, dispatching, and route planning can save business owners both time and money.

There are several available solutions that allow managers and dispatchers to communicate with drivers and send GPS routes. However, historically these solutions have required proprietary hardware that is limited to a single use. This not only adds costs to the system, but also requires another asset that you must protect from theft and damage. If you also use tablets or other devices, drivers then have to manage multiple devices, decreasing efficiency and increasing the chance that they will become lost or damaged.

Your GPS Tracking System Goes Truly Mobile

The new Driver© mobile site solves the hardware problem by allowing you to use your GPS tracking system with field service management tools from any tablet device. You no longer need to purchase specialized equipment, and because you can use other business apps on your tablet, your drivers can perform multiple functions from a single device such as time tracking, processing payments, and managing expenses.

Combining a GPS tracking system with field service management tools provides all these benefits in a single system:

  • Multiple platforms – Whether your businesses uses iPads, BlackBerrys, Androids, or a combination of these, the Driver site will work seamlessly for all drivers, field workers, and managers. There is no need to buy new devices if you already have them, and if you don’t your investment will pay off with all the other many features that tablets provide.
  • Faster communication – The faster you can interact with your fleet, the faster you can serve your customers. Two-way communication tools allow dispatchers and managers to communicate directly with drivers in the field. You can also track your chat history and create pre-written responses to the most common messages to make communication even faster.
  • Driver organization – Your drivers can manage all of their daily stops from one easy location. If the schedule changes, they can make updates or receive new assignments from dispatchers in real time.
  • Customer management – Customizable forms, customer contact information, notes, and access to other tablet apps will help you better serve your customers while also eliminating data overload.
  • Streamlined administration – The integrated GPS tracking system makes it easy for managers and administrative staff to collect time data, run activity reports, and provide more accurate billing for customers.

GPS Trackit’s new Driver tablet site may be just the solution you have been looking for if you want to improve your fleet operations, customer service, and most importantly, the bottom line. Speak with a Fleet Advisor today to start streamlining your fleet.

How would an integrated GPS tracking system and field service management solution change the way you do business?