Meet your new best friend on the road: the VidFleet WiFi Hotspot! With fleet connectivity becoming crucial in today’s fast-paced environment, GPS Trackit is thrilled to roll out this groundbreaking feature for our VidFleet AI+ Dash Cams. Now, you can turn your vehicles into mobile WiFi hotspots, enhancing your fleet’s communication and operational efficiency.

Keep Your Fleet Connected Everywhere

Gone are the days of relying solely on cellular data. The VidFleet WiFi Hotspot allows any device with the proper credentials to tap into the ATT SIM data connection around the vehicle. Of course, this means your team can stay connected in areas where cellular coverage might falter, ensuring seamless communication and access to necessary online tools. Whether updating routes, accessing real-time data, or staying in touch with the office, your fleet is always online.

Flexible Data Plans

We understand that every business has unique fleet connectivity needs, so we have created two data plans: 500MB and 1GB. Choose the plan that best fits your operational requirements. And don’t worry about unexpected charges—there are no overages. Once the data cap is reached, the WiFi will pause until the next billing cycle. This predictability allows for better budget management and planning.

Efficient Power Use

The VidFleet WiFi Hotspot conserves energy by providing WiFi only when the ignition is on. This design ensures the truck or van’s power is used optimally, avoiding battery drain when the vehicle is off. It’s fleet connectivity that works only when you need it.

Simple Setup and Management

Setting up your WiFi hotspot is a breeze. You can easily find the username and password on the VidFleet dash cam label, allowing your team to connect their devices easily. Plus, these fixed credentials eliminate the hassle of changing or resetting passwords.

Customizable and Scalable

Enabling the hotspot capability is straightforward. Whether you’re equipping a new fleet or upgrading existing vehicles, you can easily include it at the time of purchase or add it to your current cameras by contacting GPS Trackit. Consequently, this flexibility ensures your fleet can scale up its connectivity as your business grows.

Ready to revolutionize your fleet connectivity?

Contact GPS Trackit to enable the VidFleet WiFi Hotspot on your AI+ dash cams, or start with VidFleet dash cams to experience advanced video telematics and superior fleet connectivity. This is the future of fleet management: always online, keeping your operations smooth, efficient, and ahead of the curve.

Stay connected, stay efficient, and stay ahead with GPS Trackit!