Imagine harnessing the sun’s power to monitor your assets constantly. With the new Solar-Powered Asset Tracker, asset tracking becomes a seamless, eco-friendly part of your daily operations, effortlessly monitoring your valuable equipment anywhere, anytime.

Why Go Solar For Asset Tracking?

Why tether your operations to limited power sources when the sun’s abundant energy is at your fingertips? With the Solar-Powered Asset Tracker, you can avoid frequent battery changes and enjoy continuous service, even in remote locations. Basically, this shift enhances convenience and ensures reliable asset tracking where traditional power sources are scarce.

A Match Made in the Sky

Integrating renewable energy sources with advanced technologies represents a significant leap forward in how businesses manage their assets. Solar power‘s promise of sustainability and efficiency is increasingly being implemented in sophisticated systems like asset trackers. Due to the seamless integration of renewable energy sources with cutting-edge tracking capabilities, this technology convergence addresses environmental concerns and offers unprecedented reliability and autonomy.

Designed for Durability

Built to endure the toughest outdoor environments, the Solar-Powered Asset Tracker thrives where other trackers falter. Hence, its rugged, weather-resistant design makes it a reliable companion, no matter where assets go—through rain, snow, or relentless sunshine.

Effortless Installation

Setting up the device is as simple as it gets. Thus, no wires, no hassle—attach it to your asset with tamper-proof screws, and you’re set. Even more, the device ensures a secure fit, safeguarding against theft and unauthorized removal, leaving you worry-free.

Ideal for Logistics and Transportation

The Solar-Powered Asset Tracker is especially beneficial for businesses within the logistics and transportation sectors, such as freight, shipping, and trucking companies. For instance, this advanced tool allows for the real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, containers, and trailers. This capability ensures that operations run smoothly and deliveries are made on time.

Empowering Asset Tracking

Comprehensive Asset Tracking Updates

Get real-time location reports every six hours and receive updates on key events, such as motion starting with landmarks.

Ready to Sync:

Connect with BLE sensors for doors and temperature, enhancing your asset tracking capabilities.

Low Maintenance:

Thanks to its durable solar-powered design, minimal upkeep is required. This robust construction ensures it continues operating optimally, even under challenging conditions, saving business time and resources.

Easy Wake Up:

You activate the tracker by removing the sticker on the unit’s bottom. Indeed, this simple action is all it takes to get your device up and running.

Always Be in Control

Lost an asset? The Solar-Powered Asset Tracker has your back. With a simple configuration update from GPS Trackit’s platform, the device can increase its reporting frequency to aid in quick recovery. Additionally, do you need immediate updates? Just give it a shake, and the tracker wakes up to provide real-time asset-tracking data.

Peace of Mind 24/7

From providing round-the-clock tracking to sending alerts when the battery is low, the device ensures you’re always in the loop. In effect, solar charging allows you to check the voltage levels anytime to ensure it effectively catches the sun.

Your Asset Tracking, Redefined

GPS Trackit’s Solar-Powered Asset Tracker is more than just a new device; it’s a commitment to empowering your business with reliable, sustainable technology. Talk to your Account Manager and join this new era of asset management, where the sun’s power meets the precision of GPS Trackit. Discover more about how we can transform your operations!