Fleet tracking software not only saves you and your drivers time, but it can also help you save money on fuel costs. With the ever-changing price of oil, these savings can quickly add up and help you get a better return on your technology investment. Small businesses need to shave costs wherever they can. If you operate a fleet of vehicles, GPS tracking software is well worth the investment.

Fleet tracking software doesn’t just tell you where your drivers are. It also gives you detailed information about driver habits, fuel usage, and maintenance history. Use fleet tracking software data and reports to reduce fuel costs with the following five methods:

  1. Prevent speeding – Driving too fast can reduce gas mileage and put your fleet at risk. When drivers know their speed is being monitored, they drive more consistently at the speed limit, reducing liability and optimizing gas mileage so you can get the most value per tank.
  2. Reduce idling – Engine idling results in the worst gas mileage of all: zero. GPS tracking software lets you monitor engine starts, stops, and idling so you can identify inefficient routes or encourage more responsible driver behavior.
  3. Choose more efficient routes – The shortest distance between point A and point B is not always the most fuel-efficient route. In some cases, diverting a mile or so out of the way allows your drivers to start and stop less frequently, improving gas mileage and optimizing response times. Fleet tracking software allows you to select the best route depending on traffic, weather, and time of day.
  4. Dispatch the closest driver – Real-time mapping features allow you to see where your drivers are at a glance so you can quickly send the closest one, shortening drive times and mileage across the entire fleet.
  5. Keep your engines tuned – In addition to keeping your business running smoothly, well-maintained vehicles get better gas mileage. GPS tracking software allows you to program alerts for regular maintenance based on the date, engine hours, or vehicle mileage. Whether you have two vehicles or ten, staying on top of maintenance can be challenging, especially if all your vehicles are operating correctly.

GPSTrackIt fleet tracking software gives you the tools and information you need to control your fuel budget and manage costs effectively. Try our fuel savings calculator to see how you can reduce costs by implementing GPS tracking software for your fleet, then speak to a Fleet Advisor to learn more.

Five Ways A Fleet Tracking Solution Reduces Fuel Costs

How much do you spend each month on fuel? Imagine how much you would save each month if you reduced that number by even a small percentage.