A GPS tracking solution combines the power of GPS locating technology, wireless networks, and a sophisticated yet simple interface to tell a business everything they need to know about their fleet, whether its 2 vehicles or 200 hundred.  This extensive knowledge gives power to optimize operations and reduce costs for small businesses.

6 Ways to Save with GPS Tracking

Here’s six money-saving GPS tracking applications can help boost the bottom line:

  1. Optimize Gas Mileage – Select the most efficient routes based on actual mileage and fuel data to help improve gas mileage and reduce fuel costs.  The most direct route may not always be the most affordable, a business will only know this if they have actual vehicle data.
  2. Better Customer Service – The faster a vehicle gets to a customer, the faster a business can serve them and move on to the next customer.  GPS tracking software pinpoints the exact location of every unit in a fleet so it can dispatch the closest vehicle every time.  Quick responses will also improve customer satisfaction, helping generate more repeat sales.
  3. Reduce Insurance Bill – Most insurance companies will give reduced rates for implementing a GPS tracking system, often between 5 and 30 percent.  This savings can have a big impact on the return on investment of a GPS tracking solution.
  4. Slash Maintenance Costs – Preventive maintenance is almost always less expensive than a repair. Easy to read reports and text alerts are sent based on maintenance dates, mileage, or engine hours.  The more vehicles kept on the road, the more revenue a business can generate.
  5. Increase Worker Efficiency – Small business owners, know that employee wages account for a major percentage of monthly expenses.  A business will get the most from payroll dollars by ensuring that employees are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.
  6. Understand Your Business Better – Knowledge is power, and GPS tracking software gives information needed to make the big decisions that impact a business.  Should another vehicle be purchased?  Pay overtime costs or hire another driver?  Do the business charge enough to cover it’s fleet costs and still make a profit?  Comprehensive GPS tracking reports provide all the information a business needs to make an informed decision.