Business owners can use GPS tracking asset solution to keep tabs on their equipment and where these invaluable assets are located at any given time.

This is nothing new, but a strong asset tracking system creates peace of mind that your equipment has not been stolen or misused.

A strong system will help owners remain informed about the location and usage of an item equipped with GPS tracking software.  Advanced systems with a tracking unit installed won’t even allow a compromised piece of equipment to start.

Customers can get a variety of notifications from this type of system, including when the main power has been disconnected or when an asset has left a specific geographic area (GEOFence).

The reports that these systems generate can be helpful in situations where equipment has been stolen. These systems can help owners track where their stolen equipment has been taken and make the recovery of assets simpler in this type of situation.

GPS tracking units include radio frequency identification tags – basically, these are barcodes — that transmit information from the equipment to a satellite then to a laptop, tablet, computer or smartphone where others can access the information. Some asset tracking systems are able to send electronic notifications through text message or email.

These systems can create records of landmarks, record the latitude and longitude of their location and send that information back to any type of computer to be downloaded by users in a portable format for analysis.

From construction to transportation; asset tracking systems are a perfect way for business owners to have peace of mind 24/7/365. A GPS asset and fleet tracking solution can help businesses feel secure in knowing that their heavy and often times costly equipment is safe and being used appropriately.