GPS tracking device

The features available have been a big bonus. In a rare case, we’ve been able to track down accident information, like how fast someone was going, which has helped with regard to insurance costs.” – Edwin Barreto

COMPANY: CMS Mechanical

LOCATION: Melbourne, Florida




CMS Mechanical is a Florida based interior climate solution company providing the systems and infrastructure to seamlessly perform HVACR services.

Founded in 1993 and known as, “one of the most respected, tested, self performing full service HVACR service companies in the nation,” CMS Mechanical has offices in PA, VA, LA, NC, AL, TN, and TX, providing top-notch service to its clients nationwide.


CMS Mechanical was looking for a way to more accurately and efficiently manage their fleet vehicles across the eight states in which they currently do business.

GPS solutionTheir main problems were:

  • No accurate way to verify off-hours use of vehicles in the event of accidents.
  • Needed to more efficiently track and verify time submitted by field technicians and improve driver accountability.
  • Was calling each field tech to find their location for dispatching calls.


A GPS tracking device that would allow CMS Mechanical to track and locate their fleet vehicles in the eight states in which they do business, in real-time.

Choosing the L2000 as their GPS solution:

  • Provided accurate data on off-hours use of company vehicles.
  • Efficiently tracked and verified time submitted by field technicians.
  • Improved driver accountability.
  • Streamlined dispatching of field technicians.


Implementing the use of the L2000 GPS tracking device from has allowed CMS Mechanical to obtain real-time data to solve the company’s three main problems.

Being able to accurately track, locate, and monitor fleet vehicles and their activity off-hours, provided data in an accident case that proved liability fell on a field technician. This saved the company money on accident and insurance expenses.

Field technicians were found stealing company time. The L2000 provided the data needed to establish the best course of action for CMS to take, which, saved the company money.

The L2000 provides maps, alerts, and reports to pinpoint vehicle locations and activity, allowing CMS to more accurately dispatch field technicians during the day. This has saved the company in both time and money.

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