Updated for 2013!

Did you know that in 2013, tax incentives for using a GPS tracking solution for your business are possible up to a $500,000 purchase, thanks to the Small Business Jobs & Credit Act of 2010?

Check Out the GPSTrackIt Section 179 Tax Savings Calculator to see how much you can save!

If you are a small business, service business, construction business, fleet management firm, transport business, or a municipal company, consider the benefits of adding a GPS hardware and software solution to improve and organize your company’s operations.

Qualifying GPS equipment purchased in 2013 may provide additional savings to your business this tax season, thanks to the enhanced Section 179 tax deduction and the increased expense limits on purchases up to $500,000.

By strategically purchasing GPS technology for your business, you could significantly reduce the company’s cost of ownership.

To learn how the 2013 tax incentives can affect your business’ equipment purchases, contact your tax advisor for more details.

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