You have already learned about how GPS tracking can help you save on fuel costs. Another primary component that should be factored into calculating the return on your investment is the money you will save with increased productivity and efficiency. The better you can monitor your staff and their behavior, the more efficient they will become. Learn how to improve performance with GPS Tracking. is devoted to bringing you industry related news and information. On a weekly basis, we will post highlights from news found across the net that relates to GPS tracking, hardware, software, vehicle tracking and location, or asset monitoring and protection. To receive this weekly update by email: [button link=”” window=”yes” color=”orange”]Update Me[/button] New Study […]

Many business owners mistakenly believe that a GPS tracking system is too expensive or not valuable enough to justify the investment. To the contrary, the return on investment you will get from reduced fuel costs and improved performance make fleet GPS well worth the initial costs. This article addresses the reduced fuel cost component of calculating your ROI