Fleet GPSIn the service industry, maintaining a positive brand image is important for attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones. Consumers have many options when selecting a provider; your brand can make you or break you. Using fleet GPS can help you boost your brand image and grow your business.

Use Fleet GPS to Boost Your Service Brand

A GPS tracking system provides many benefits that you can use to shed your company in a positive light:

  1. Improve customer service – Whether you use the Driver tablet site with third-party apps, set up landmarks, or employ smart routing, your customers will appreciate a more streamlined experience.
  2. Improve response times – Getting to a customer site quickly means a lot to them, especially in emergencies or urgent situations. Fleet GPS allows you to dispatch the closest vehicle and use the most efficient route to get there.
  3. Provide proof of service – When you can demonstrate that you were in a particular location at a specific time and for a certain duration, your credibility increases and customers find you to be more trustworthy.
  4. Generate accurate billing – Whether you bill based on mileage, drive times, or number of site visits, your customers can be confident that your invoices are based on actual fleet data.
  5. Provide accurate delivery times and updates – Using fleet GPS features to provide accurate arrival times demonstrates that you value your customer’s time and strive to fit into their busy schedule.
  6. Serve more customers per day – Smart routing allows you to improve efficiency so you can go to as many sites as possible in a day. This means faster service for customers and more profits for you.
  7. Improve your public image – Using fleet GPS demonstrates that you operate your business responsibly, contribute to a cleaner environment, and value customer service.
  8. Stop aggressive driving in public view – Set up alerts and monitor reports for hard braking, hard acceleration, and other unsafe driver behaviors that might tarnish your brand.
  9. Prevent stops at unsavory places – Your vehicles are the face of your business. Protect your valuable brand by setting up landmarks and geofence alerts for places where you don’t want to see your vehicles parked.
  10. Prevent personal use during and after hours – Unless your employees use their own personal vehicles for work, they should not be making personal stops on company time. If they use company vehicles, they shouldn’t use them for personal use at any time. Ensuring that your employees are always working on your behalf while they are in your vehicles will help keep your brand image positive.

Your fleet is a valuable asset, and so is your brand. Protect them both with fleet GPS that allows you to monitor activity, keep drivers in check, and provide better service to your customers. If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with GPSTrackIt today.

What steps do you take to protect your service brand?