Vehicle tracking systems can be used for fleets of all types, including construction vehicles. In fact, the construction industry benefits from fleet tracking in a number of ways that you might not expect. For example, although speeding might not be an issue as it is for other types of fleets, there are other driver behaviors that you may want to monitor in the construction industry.

Why the Construction Industry Needs Vehicle Tracking Systems

The many advantages of vehicle tracking systems for the construction industry include:

  1. Improve productivity – Use reports that show you when a vehicle starts and stops, when the ignition is turned on and off, and when PTO events happen to get a picture of what happens at the job site when you’re not there. Just knowing that they are being monitored gives most workers the incentive they need to stay focused.
  2. Improve work site compliance – Ensure that vehicles stay out of restricted areas and employees don’t work more hours than they are allowed in a given day.
  3. Prevent theft – Protect your valuable assets with ignition alerts and geofences. If a vehicle is turned on or leaves a certain area in the middle of the night, you’ll know about it right away.
  4. Streamline equipment maintenance – Run reports on engine hours, mileage, and equipment time so you can keep your vehicles running smoothly. You can also set up alerts so you don’t miss important maintenance activities.
  5. Reduce fuel use – Unnecessary idling adds up to extra fuel costs for you. Compare idling reports to PTO activity to find out where you can cut fuel usage.
  6. Optimize assignment of crew and assets to job sites – Vehicle tracking systems allow you to evaluate how assets are being used onsite. You will be able to see if one site has idle vehicles while another has workers reporting overtime so you can reassign people and equipment as needed.
  7. Get more accurate time sheets – Driver key fobs allow you to closely track when an employee starts and finishes for the day.
  8. Find assets across job sites – When you need a particular piece of equipment at a job site, you can quickly find out exactly where it is and what it is doing so you can reassign it if necessary.

If you own a construction company or manage a crew, talk to GPS Trackit about how you can run a better business with vehicle tracking systems. We’re here to help you select the systems and features that make the most sense for your specific needs. Speak to a Fleet Advisor today to get started.

Which of these benefits of GPS tracking would be most important for your construction business?