Fleet Tracking Public ImageThe saying that a few bad apples spoil the barrel applies to many areas of life, including your company’s public image. Just one bad driver experience can damage your brand, and a lot of small mistakes can add up to a major problem if you don’t take steps to address them.

Use Fleet Tracking to Solve Your Public Image Problems

Drivers in the field represent your company whether they are on the clock or not. Address some of the most common public image problems by using your fleet tracking system.

PROBLEM: Speeding

When people repeatedly see your drivers speeding down the highway, your company can get a bad reputation fairly quickly, especially in smaller markets.

SOLUTION: Speeding Alerts

Get an email or text alert when drivers go over a certain speed limit so you can stop the activity while it’s happening or take corrective action later.

PROBLEM: Aggressive Driving

Perhaps worse than speeding is the type of aggressive driving that leads to accidents. Even when nothing bad happens, potential customers take note of this undesirable behavior.

SOLUTION: Hard Braking and Hard Acceleration Alerts

Hard braking and hard acceleration are the most common activities that indicate aggressive driving. Monitor these activities with alerts and you will see a dramatic reduction in this potentially dangerous (and reputation-damaging) behavior.

PROBLEM: Vehicles in Unsavory Places

When a housewife with children sees her plumber’s vehicle parked at the seediest bar in town at lunchtime on a Tuesday, she might think twice about who she calls next time she needs service. Any service provider that enters the homes of their customers needs to be aware of where company vehicles are seen at all times.

SOLUTION: Landmarks and Geofences

Fleet tracking software allows you to create geofences around neighborhoods and areas that you want to avoid or landmarks for specific locations. You can monitor reports or set up alerts so you know about these unwanted visits when they happen.

PROBLEM: Late Arrival Times

If your company has a reputation for slow service, arriving late, or poorly estimating service times, you have a problem. Not only are you likely to lose customers to the competition, but word-of-mouth will not work in your favor.

SOLUTION: Real-Time Mapping and Better Dispatching

Use fleet tracking to identify the closest vehicle, dispatch it, and send the most efficient route to the driver. This allows you to get to your customers more quickly and give them real-time updates on estimated arrival times.

The best way to deal with a public image problem is to be proactive. Implementing fleet tracking will allow you to solve the most common image problems so you can provide better service, monitor driver activities, and ensure that your company vehicles represent your business in the way that you want them to. Contact GPSTrackIt today for more information.

How is your company’s public image these days?