For field service companies, having a cloud-based GPS tracking system in place can offer a number of benefits. Those benefits range from improving customer satisfaction to reducing fuel costs. Whether you operate a lawn care service with three trucks or a plumbing business with 25 trucks across three counties, you can use a cloud-based GPS tracking system like one from GPS Trackit.

One of the main benefits of using a cloud-based GPS tracking system is that it can help you dispense your field service technicians more efficiently. When you know the location of your technicians, you can assign them to jobs in their vicinity. That can save time and money on travel costs. In addition, you can use historical data to optimize future dispatching by taking into account things like traffic patterns and job duration.

Another benefit of using a cloud-based GPS tracking system is that it can help you improve customer satisfaction. By being able to track the location of your technician in real time, you can provide your customer with up-to-the-minute ETAs for when they can expect their technician to arrive. This level of transparency goes a long way toward building trust with your customers and ensuring that they have a positive experience with your company.

Finally, using a cloud-based GPS tracking system can help you reduce fuel and maintenance costs. By knowing the route that your technician took to get to a job site, you can identify any areas where they may have made inefficient choices that led to higher fuel consumption. This data can direct your technicians on more efficient routes in the future, leading to significant fuel savings over time. GPS Trackit clients also use the platform to consolidate routes across the whole fleet. That increases the total number of clients you can see with the same number of vehicles—which is a huge cost saver. The best systems also have maintenance modules that help you stay on top of service schedules. By handling maintenance on time and catching issues early, you save money and reduce vehicle downtime.  

Setting up a system like GPS Trackit requires no special tools or expertise, and you can have your fleet on the grid within a day. To learn more—and to get a personalized demo—contact a GPS Trackit Fleet Advisor today.