HVAC field service management software like GPS Trackit’s solution keeps techs and customers informed, reduces costs, and prevents duplicated effort. In this article, we’ll highlight three thorny challenges HVAC companies experience every day. And you’ll learn how specific technology features can be used to remedy them: scheduling, route management, and cost reduction. 

Let’s get started!

Scheduling Challenges

Technicians are often scheduled for back-to-back appointments with little or no time in between to travel from one job site to the next. Nothing frustrates customers more than waiting around for a technician who never shows up when they say they will. With HVAC field service software, you can see exactly where your technicians are at all times so that you can better estimate arrival times—and make sure they stick to them. No more missed appointments or angry customers! 

Route Management Challenges: 

Managing a complex system of routes for a fleet of HVAC service trucks can be a daunting task—especially when accounting for variable job assignment lengths, traffic, weather conditions, and construction detours. There’s no defeating Mother Nature. But with GPS Trackit’s Google Maps-based interface, you can build more efficient routing that gets the right crews where you need them. The typical GPS Trackit customer is able to make up to 20 percent more customer calls per day with the same vehicle and crew load. 

Cost Reduction Challenges

HVAC field service software like GPS Trackit helps you take a bite out of two enormous variable costs—fuel and insurance. With video telematics, you can see what your technicians see while they’re driving. This helps you identify potential hazards on the road and plan accordingly. It also allows you to monitor driving behavior so that you can coach your team on safe and efficient driving habits. By reducing aggressive driving, the fleet saves fuel and also presents less insurance risk. That translates into lower insurance premiums. 

 While some of these challenges can be attributed to factors outside of your control, HVAC field service software helps you take control. To learn more about how GPS Trackit can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, schedule a free demo with a Fleet Advisor today.