What Growing Businesses Need in a Fleet Tracking Solution

Running a growing business requires a fleet management strategy that works a lot better than pen and paper. As the fleet grows, so does the number of things that need to be monitored and tracked across each asset in the fleet.
Jim B. runs a growing North Carolina lawn care business. His fleet serves a wide cross-section of commercial landscaping clients. Keeping productivity high while reducing costs has been top of mind as his business keeps growing larger.

Here’s how he put it:
“When the gas costs went through the roof, I was looking at idle times and going, why aren’t you turning your truck off? I just look at it as idle and assume that it stopped in front of the customer’s house and it’s in park.”

GPS Tracking for Expanded Service

Covering more ground is one way that businesses of any size can become more profitable, save money and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. In fact, it’s not uncommon for GPS Trackit customers to increase their daily productivity using simple route optimization. This is a reality for a lot of businesses. Take the time to audit and improve driver approaches to routing. Covering even one more customer per week can add $300-400 of revenue.

Reduced Idle Time Means Reduced Fuel Costs

Reducing idle time was one of the big value-adds for Jim. In a business where time absolutely equates to money, saving on fuel is one of the most important optimizations you can create in your fleet through leveraging GPS tracking and telematics tools. In many cases, the fuel cost savings alone pay for the solution outright within a few weeks.

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Preventative Maintenance

Another benefit of a telematics and GPS tracking solution is that fleet managers can quickly understand when a vehicle will need servicing. Imagine preventing a breakdown or an accident through a few simple changes in your fleet management toolbox. Also, monitoring error codes is essential for creating a maintenance plan that will enhance every other area of fleet management: fuel efficiency, route optimization, planned downtime and risk reduction.

Improved Driver Accountability Leads to Return on Investment

There are a lot of reasons that a fleet manager needs to ensure driver accountability. A solution like GPS Trackit can help with driver-centric issues like drowsy and distracted driving and can be truly invaluable in documenting accidents in terms of liability. Lastly, simple accountability also provides a transparent record of the facts of day-to-day operations. If there is a dispute about who was where when, the data tells an accurate story where memory may not!

Improving Fleet Operations and Generating Cost Savings

GPS Trackit has been valuable in eliminating drivers wasting company time and money. Jim says, “I have not been able to put a dollar figure on it, but I can say that one individual driving a half hour out of his route, once I saw that, we nipped it in the bud. So, obviously we got savings there.”
Jim’s story is not unique. Fleet managers and owners in medium-sized businesses are taking their operations to the next level with solutions like ours every day.


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