One of the many reasons business owners use vehicle tracking systems is to help protect valuable assets. This includes both vehicles and the employees who drive them. In addition to preventing theft and vehicle misuse, help reduce the incidence of accidents, which means protecting employees from injury and keeping vehicles operational for longer.

Vehicle Accident Statistics in the U.S.

The statistics surrounding motor vehicle accidents in the United States can be quite alarming, especially if you are responsible for multiple vehicles and their drivers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau:

  • There are an average of six million car accidents each year
  • Approximately three million people are injured each year as a result of car accidents
  • About 40,000 of these accidents are fatal
  • 30% of car accident fatalities are linked to speeding
  • Reckless driving accounts for about one-third of car accident deaths

Fortunately, there are steps that fleet managers and business owners can take to avoid becoming one of these statistics.

Vehicle Tracking Systems and Accident Reduction

Companies that use vehicle tracking systems benefit from a lower risk of accidents and injuries. Some of the features that help reduce accidents and injuries include:

  • Seat belt alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Hard braking alerts
  • Hard accelerating alerts
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Two-way driver communication systems

Drivers who know their behavior is being monitored act more responsibly and drive more carefully. This results in fewer collisions and potentially dangerous accidents. Fleet managers can create alerts so they are notified when certain activities occur, and they can also run historic reports to see how behavior has changed over time.

Properly maintained vehicles are less likely to break down. Features such as maintenance alerts make it easier for fleet managers to stay on top of important vehicle repairs and routine maintenance.

Insurance companies know that vehicle tracking systems help reduce accidents, which is why they often offer lower premiums to the companies that employ them.

Real-Life Results

ISOTECH, a pest management company that implemented a GPS tracking system, benefited from an 80% reduction in accidents after just four months of use. They attributed this positive shift to less speeding and fewer vehicles breaking down. It is exactly these types of measurable results that make GPS tracking systems a clear choice for fleet managers.

They also noticed an increase in call response times and an overall improvement in vehicle maintenance, while robust reporting features allowed them to monitor budgets more closely and save money.

GPS Trackit offers vehicle tracking systems for both large and small businesses. Speak with a Fleet Advisor today who can help you select the system that makes the most sense for your fleet.

How many accidents has your fleet had so far this year?